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Where there is harmonised EU legislation for placing the products on the market, the market for private services in the weighing industry is characterised by a variety of weighing related national laws after the product has been placed on the market. In many cases this, unnecessarily, hinders the free movement of services. Particularly, the separate mandatory national reverification authorisations provide a significant threshold for companies to become active in other Member States.

In all countries where reverification of weighing instrument by private companies is allowed different authorisations are needed. The qualitative requirements for these authorisations are similar, the separate authorisations only result in a higher administrative burden that hinders the free movement of services. Mutual recognition of these authorisations will benefit end-users of weighing instruments and the reverification industry, where particularly SMEs could benefit. Moreover, this mutual recognition is supported by the EU Services Directive. Therefore, CECIP calls on the support of the European Commission to promote the mutual recognition of these reverification authorisations in the EU.

The full CECIP position paper can be foundĀ here.