CECIP is the European Weighing Industry Association

Picture CECIP Vision 2030
European Weighing Industry

The European weighing industry is a highly innovative and world leading industry producing a variety of products. These range from weighbridges and supermarket scales to high-precision scales in laboratories. Reliable and high-quality weighing instruments improve processes and equipment in various ways.

Weighing instruments help consumers, researchers and companies in, for instance:

  • Protecting consumer rights via trustworthy and reliable supermarket scales
  • Helping doctors providing the right medical care
  • Supporting advanced research via high-precision scales
  • Increasing productivity in the process industry by enabling further automation
  • Making agriculture more sustainable by allowing agriculture machinery to work more precisely
  • Producing safe and high quality food products
  • Ensuring fair business-to-business trade via accurate truckscales and bulkscales.

Market Surveillance video

28 Oct 2011

Legal requirements, product compliance and Market Surveillance. A statement by CECIP President Urs Widmer (former Head of Industrial Division Mettler Toledo)