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The quality and safety of drugs and personal care products are key for the protection of public health. Everyone needs to be completely confident that for example medicine contains the right quantity of each active substance to be safe and effective. Therefore, regulatory authorities worldwide set rules that impact the design, manufacturing, installation, daily using, hygienic cleaning and preventive maintenance of weighing instruments. The European weighing industry produces the instruments that ensure the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products.

Innovations and developments of weighing instruments will further increase the efficiency of the production and the quality of the production in the future. Overall, accurate and reliable weighing instrument will remain an essential part of the production of pharmaceuticals. For a full description of the use of weighing instruments in the pharma sector, CECIP prepared the following document:

Weighing instruments in pharma

This document is part of a series describing the use of weighing instruments in different sectors. Information on the other sectors can be found below:

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