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Weighing instruments are used in a large number of sectors and play a crucial role in many of them. Still, it is not always clear for everyone where they are used and why these instruments are important. Therefore, CECIP is developing a new series of publications where the use of weighing instruments in different sectors is explained.  

The idea of these pages is to describe in simple terms where the weighing instruments are used, why they are an important enabler in that sector and how they contribute to further innovations. Over the course of the next year these documents will be published with a new document each month.

The first document focusses on weighing instruments in agriculture. Historically, weighing instrument were essential to measure the weight of the products sold by farmers. Later weighing instruments enable for further automisation in agriculture. In the future weighing instruments will become even more important by being en vital part of precision farming technologies that make European agriculture more sustainable and profitable.

You can find the full document here.