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As part of the 'Weighing you can trust campaign' CECIP publishes a number of articles on the importance of quality weighing. Below the first article of the series. More information on the campaign can be found on: www.worldwithweighing.com 

Quality weighing to create trust

Weighing is essential in many parts of life and it is critical consumers and businesses can trust the weighing results they see. To create this trust quality weighing is key. An obvious example where quality weighing is needed to create trust is in the retail sector. A customer wants to pay the correct price for a weighed product it buys and at the same time supermarkets wants to get the correct price for the product. Both need to be able to trust the weighing instruments used to establish the weight and, consequently, the price.

But also in production weighing instruments need to be reliable to guarantee quality and the correct price. Think of the production of medicines where the exact right quantity active substances need to added to prepare safe and effective medicines. Or in the food processing industry where the right weight needs to be indicated so businesses get the correct price.

Furthermore, quality weighing includes being able to trust the weighing instruments keep working properly. This is done by having weighing instruments that are durable and if needed designed for tough conditions such as weighing trucks and dealing with waste. In the case that there are problems quality weighing partners provide the services to come quickly with a suitable solution.

These are just a few examples of benefits for businesses to invest in quality weighing. There are various other reasons such as ensuring legal compliance, creating new possibilities in the area of digitalisation en increasing the speed of production.

To sum it up, businesses want to be able to trust the weighing results are correct, compliant and instruments keep working. Therefore, quality weighing is key for all businesses using weighing. The new CECIP ‘Weighing you can trust’ campaign will focus on the importance of finding the right partner to ensure quality weighing in each business.